Uruguay’s Jose Mujica and Nigerian Rulers: Selfless and Exemplary Leadership Versus Prebendal and Ruinous Rulership
Ugumanim Bassey Obo, Theophilus Oyime Adejumo

One major problem which has plagued Nigeria and its people since the end of colonial rule in 1960 has been that of poor governance propelled by the greed and myopia of the rulers. For Nigerian rulers, governance has always been about plundering of the country’s resources and the accumulation of wealth at the country’s expense. This essay highlights the selfishness of Nigerian rulers by drawing attention to the huge public resources which they allocate to themselves, and contrasts this situation with the amazing selflessness and patriotism of Jose Mujica, the president of Uruguay, who takes very little wages as the leader of his country. It is also argued that while crushing poverty ravages the Nigerian society, members of Nigeria’s political class are among the highest-earning public officials in the world. The paper concludes that Nigerian rulers need to emulate the selflessness and austere tendencies of President Mujica of Uruguay.

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