Pre-Colonial Nigeria and the European’s Fallacy
Abayomi-Alli Mayowa

In other to achieve colonialism and political subjugation by the Europeans in Nigeria, the British lead government represented mainly by trade companies set about to proselytize the people to a new politics and ruler ship. To achieve this, the companies started detrimental campaigns both within and outside the territory. These campaigns were aimed at the political institution of the local people. The support of the government back in Europe was key, thus it became paramount that these colonial sentimentalists “black-tagged” the political institutions of the various kingdoms. The various advocates of colonialism preached the benefits of a complete annexation, claiming the people had no sensible political administration. The rulers of the various kingdoms in Nigeria, were tagged tyrannical, British haters, murders and slave traders. While their ways of life were labeled backward and barbaric. Their institutions of judiciary or check and balances were not reckoned with.European writers joined in the campaign and before long the British started a systematic military and diplomatic take over. Of utmost importance was the deliberate act of the European writers and traders to slur the political institution of the people. These paper, thus set about to straighten out the facts using examples of a few kingdoms in Nigeria’s pre-colonial times.

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