Towards the History of the Portuguese Political Periodical Journalism (19thº Century)
José Augusto dos Santos Alves

It is essential to start this text with a reference to Portuguese culture, which has overlooked the phenomenon of periodical journalism, and seen it as a poor relation when it is, in my view, the richest melting pot of knowledge about the people in the nineteenth century. We must remember, revisit, and breathe life into this memory so that it is not definitively erased. It is within this perspective that I wish here to highlight the journal O Movimento: periodico semanal (1835-1836),which also arises from the need to bring to light figures in the shadows of the history manuals, a situation which is aggravated when it comes to addressing notable figures in the writing of periodicals, such as the editor of the aforementioned periodical. Using periodicals to enter the daily political life of the penultimate decade of the first half of the nineteenth century is a wonderful experience because it enables us to see many of the reasons why the Revolution did not have the success desired by many. However, rather than making history, this involves bringing to light and life a political culture and a world that has been reproduced, with other epistemological assumptions, in the 21st century.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rhps.v2n3-4a5