Digital Media in LatinAmerica. The Political Construction of the Bicentennial Event from the New Communication Technologies
Mengo, Renee Isabel; Tenaglia, Pablo Rubén

The digital graphic journalism provides a new means of communication in the political construction of the present, with characteristics of interactivity, hypertext and multimedia. Moreover, in recent history, the Bicentennial marked a milestone for our region. The year 2009 was the beginning of the celebrations in all Latin American territories, beginning at that time with Bolivia and Ecuador. The following year, were those of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico and in 2011, Venezuela, El Salvador, Paraguay and Uruguay. These events were the factual and political event whose representation in the editorials of digital newspapers of the respective countries has been part of the reflection and Construction "Bicentennial" in our continent.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rhps.v3n1a14