“The Mountain Education” -A Special Page in the Educational History of Greece
Eleftheria Papastefanaki

“The Mountain Education” relates to the special educational activities that took place in the territories of “Free Greece” and constitutes a special page in the educational history of Greece. In the territories of “Free Greece” were implemented innovative forms of education, which were mainly introduced by the National Liberation Front (EAM). The overall activity and the idea of this educational system that it tried to be established during the occupation of Greece was associated with the basic social needs, according to the priorities set by the left-wing political powers: resistance against the foreign occupant and organization of forms of local authority and justice. In this context we can identify the operation of two pedagogical schools in Tyrna and Karpenisi, aiming at coaching temporary teachers for primary schools. Moreover two schoolbooks were authored: “Ta aetopoula” (“The eaglets”) and “Eleftheri Ellada” (“Free Greece”). The work of left-wing pedagogues and educational reformers during the occupation of Greece form a chapter of Greek educational history that was not continued, since the final defeat of the Left in the civil war will lead to a conservative education after the postwar period and to the elimination of any progressive features from the state apparatus.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rhps.v4n2a4