The Effect of ‘Religious Extremism’ in Russia on Country’s Foreign Policy in Syria
Olga Ermolaeva

From the beginning of a civil war in Syria, Russia played one of the key roles in unfolding the crisis. Intensive rhetoric developed over the reasons behind Russian foreign policy in Syria. All that shaped a demand in an indepth analysis of reasons behind Russian foreign policy decisions. Apart from historically strong ties with Syria, geopolitical and economic interests between two states, Russian foreign policy in Syria tends to be securityoriented in a way that some domestic security implications strongly affect Russian foreign policy decisions. In many ways, domestic factors form operational environment of foreign policy-making of any state. To Russia, Syrian stability is seen as vital to Middle East stability, and consequently to Russia’s national security and integrity. In particular, Russia is worried about the rising strength of ‘Religious Extremism’ in the Middle East, because this development could give impulse to political opposition and bolster insurgencies in Russian Muslimpopulated regions.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rhps.v4n2a7