“Public Policy to Attract Private Sector Investments; Case study on Development of Small-Scale Generators in Power Industry
Mojtaba Maghsoodi, Hossein Ali Taghi Tehrani, Kamran Yeganegi

The energy sector, especially the power industry is one of the most important and strategic industries in every country. Therefore, the public policy in the power industry is of great importance. By adopting privatization policies in this industry, while attracting private sector investments, governments will be able to reduce public expenses by increasing the influential role of people in this area. Construction or even management of large power plants is not desirable for the private sector due to the large volume of investment required and the operational and technical complexities. Public policy in support of widely distributed production of electricity and the development of smallscale generators has a lot of utility for the private sector due to its various advantages and quick return of investment. It may play an effective role in attracting private sector investments to the power industry.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rhps.v5n1a6