Re-envisioning Pan-Africanism in Today’s World Politics, Economy and Culture
Saliou DIONE

The Black people‟s historical, economic, and political episodes of hardships gave birth to a political, philosophical, and ideological force known as Pan-Africanism that sought to unite Black people worldwide. In fact, this article exploreshow Pan-Africanism emerged to mark a new vision in the way Africans living in the continent and the Diaspora(s) see themselves and their lives; how the first waves of intellectuals, through new trends and fighting styles based on the mind and knowledge production, succeeded in reconstituting their lost, stolen, suppressed, constructed, and saucy-detailed history while looking at how to re-envisions the ideology and philosophy in today‟s world politics, economy, and culture.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rhps.v6n2a2