Political Factors in the Scarcity of Shia Population in Al-Andalus
Dr. Majid Abbasi

At the same time or shortly after conquest of Al-Andalus by the Muslims, religion of Shiite entered in this land. But several factors prevent the spread of Shiite and caused the failure of the religion in Al-Andalus. The political situations were one of the most important factors. So, the main question is that what are the most important political factors caused the failure of spread of Shiite in Al-Andalus? In response to this question the hypotheses is that “Political factors such as uprising attributed to Shiites and rival Umayyad in Andalus and conflict with Fatimid and Edrissian governments, caused the failure of spread Shiites thought.” This research will focus exclusively on political factors, by use of documents and historical books with descriptive method examines the hypothesis.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rhps.v7n1a3